Come on all you broad billed swimmers
I love the way your feathers shimmer
Come on down you real high flyers.
Come and join our quacking choir.
We're gonna play a little song
So all you ducks can sing along
Every duck come big and small
Tell your friends, come one and all.
Some people say that he's just a bear,
Others think he's more of an otter.
Some people say he only eats snails
And drinks nothin but salt water
They say he ran for president once
And you know he almost won
A law and order candidate,
A straight shootin' son of a gun.
Doesn't look like we're havin' much luck
Catchin' fish with just bait and hook
What if we string our songs along
And sing one long fishy song!....Like
Fishy wishy ding dong
Rudabager, bellyacher
Chum bucket, knotty pine
Gazoygan, Flatbush, gobbledeegook
Slogger nogger, green goop slime.
How we get to work and get back home again
Is one part of a very busy day.
The commute from place to place is a problem we all face
And we do it in so many different ways.
Elephants and rickshaws can surely get you there.
A limousine's the way to go for a millionaire
Horse drawn coaches, jets and blimps,
Helicopters too.
Golf carts, donkeys, mono-rails it's really up to you.
Old gray sidewalks to the homes on our block
Sure look better when they're colored in chalk.
Sidewalk art can open any door
To whole new worlds we've never, ever seen before.
We can swim in deep blue oceans
Where friendly sharks say "hi"!
And play hide and seek in the kelp forest
Or watch jellyfish float by.
We can shrink to the size of a thimble
And watch beetles and pill bugs roam.
Or shrink till we're microscopic.
And bring a friendly microbe home!